Inhale – Robin Farmer

The landscape wakes from its cold rest, and the deep breath of summer reverberates as the land comes alive. As the parade of green washes over the mountains, life is breathed back into the earth and carried by birdsong. This collection of watercolors pays homage to summer in the Arctic and the fleeting colors that commemorate the season.

Robin Farmer is a watercolorist, Alaskan born and raised, whose creativity has been nurtured by Alaska’s landscapes throughout her life. Initially drawn to watercolor’s expressive spontaneity and stubbornness, she has continued to develop her creative vision and connection to the medium by following her curiosity and inspiration throughout Alaska. Her collaborative relationship with watercolor conjures the spirit of a landscape and invokes a universal nostalgia that inspires reciprocity and a deeper connection to nature. Seeking the quiet, nuanced beauty of simplicity and softness amongst the grandiose and obvious, her work is a reflection of the infinite, intangible, and ethereal qualities of the natural world.

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Jun 01 - 30 2023


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